Hrithik Roshan injuries eyes during 'Agneepath' shoot

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan suffered another accident on the set of ‘Agneepath’. First, he hurt himself while performing a Ganpati festival sequence when he was dancing with a thali of diyas and one of the diyas fell down and oil spilled over his hand. Now, he again injured himself while doing a gulaal sequence. The shooting came to an halt and Hrithik cried in excessive pain when one of the junior artists threw gulaal in his eyes.

Immediately, he was attended by doctor. A unit member reveals, "The shooting was on in Versova on Monday afternoon for the Ganpati sequence that earlier saw the actor suffer minor burns while handling a thali as reported.

In this particular scene, some of the junior artistes got caught up in the moment and one of them flung colour in Duggu's eyes. The stunned actor began screaming in pain. Pandemonium followed even as director Karan Malhotra immediately stopped the shooting."

Karan made Hrithik sit down in a chair. "Water was splashed on the actor to wash the colour from his eyes. When that didn't work, cold towels and cotton wool was brought in to wipe the gulal out. All this while, HR was screaming in agony. A doctor was finally called in and painkillers were administered", a source adds.

Karan wanted to wrap up the shooting but Hrithik insisted to continue the shoot.