Hrithik Roshan celebrates his 34th birthday

Hrithik Roshan celebrates his 34th birthday on 10 January. The actor who made a name for himself in Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish and Dhoom 2 turns 34 today and has received loads of appreciation and good wishes from the film fraternity on this day. Hrithik begins this special day with a havan and puja along with his family at his home. Recently Hrithik had undergone treatment for a severe knee injury and is currently relaxing and recuperating. So he will spend his birthday with family and close friends.
The morning of Hrithik's birthday will start with a havan and puja. The actor will begin the day thanking God for all the success he has given him and pray for good health. Hrithik's sister confirms the puja saying "We are having a havan and a little puja at home for him. We are not having any big celebrations this year." Hrithik himself does not like to make a big deal about his birthday and says "I pretend it's not a special day, but it never turns out that way. The love that I receive on this day from all is overwhelming." The messages and calls for greetings on this special day begin from midnight itself and Hrithik is inundated with greetings. Prior to his birthday Hrithik attended the music launch of his soon to be released film Jodha Akbar, then he made a quick appearance at a friend's engagement party and later he was home, cutting a cake with family. Hrithik said "Susanne makes my birthdays special." His birthday wish for this year is "Peace and happiness always."

Hrithik is extremely busy with the planning and publicity of Jodha Akbar which is releasing on February 15 and he is also reading several scripts so that he can decide his next film. Hrithik is happy with the outcome of the film, however he would not like to be born as a royal back then, and he says "Are you crazy? That armour those guys wore is enough to make that decision. I wouldn't want to move around in that. I'm happy to have been born as me, Hrithik Roshan." Hrithik has also injured and strained his knee while shooting extensively for Jodha Akbar and hence he needs to be careful, Hrithik states "No serious stunts and action scenes for a while. My body has served a warning. We sometimes tend to forget that we are also human and not superheroes we play on-screen."

However Hrithik does not have any big plans for his birthday and will probably have a quiet dinner with his family at a restaurant. So here's to another successful year ahead for the birthday boy, Happy Birthday Hrithik!