Hrithik Roshan, Anupam Kher, Anil Kapoor and Subhash Ghai support Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s film Fanaa has been banned by the Gujarat government and people. The film has been banned because Aamir had supported the Narmada Bachao Andolan campaign. Aamir had asked the government of Gujarat to rehabilitate the thousands of displaced farmers and villagers who would lose their homes and land. Unfortunately quite a few political parties did not take Aamir’ s stance on this, very well and hence have boycotted his films in the state of Gujarat, until he tenders an apology to the people of that state. However Aamir has point blankly refused to do so, and hence is currently receiving more flak from political parties. Fortunately for Aamir, he is not alone in his struggle and almost all of bollywood is backing him on his stance.
After veteran actress and social activist Shabana Azmi spoke out in defense of Aamir and his support for the displaced people, many other bollywood stars, directors and producers have come forth to lend their support to him. Veteran actress Shabana Azmi says “The attack on Aamir and the ban on his film Fanaa must be strongly condemned as it is completely unjustified. The entire film industry should stand solidly behind Aamir as it is crucial to express solidarity with him. Today it is him, tomorrow it will be someone else from the industry.” Even producer Yash-Raj of the film Fanaa expressed his distress over the ban of his film in Gujarat. He says “Till date because of the situation in Gujarat, I have incurred losses up to Rs 1 crore at least. But this is not about money, it is about principles. Just because a celebrity has expressed his views on the concerned subject, he is being held to ransom.”

Superstar Hrithik Roshan is currently awaiting the release of his next film Krrish and has been closely following the Aamir Kan issue and the ban on his film Fanaa. Says Hrithik on the issue “The concerned party has showed the highest level of immaturity by trying to use muscle to stop the screening of Fanaa. It’s an attempt to scare off Aamir and also threaten the film fraternity against similar attempts in the future.” He also mentions that he is one hundred percent behind Aamir on his stance. Actor Anil Kapoor has also decided to voice his opinion on the issue and says “A film’s show just cannot be stopped in this manner. They cannot curb someone’s point of view.

Veteran actor Anupam Kher also clearly states “Aamir Khan’s stand is for a worthy cause. It is unfortunate that his film has to suffer like this because some people are not tolerant of other people’s views. Producer and director Subhash Ghai says “Aamir Khan is paying the price for being a celebrity. A film’s release has nothing to do with an actor’s stand on a social issue.”

Earlier on Aamir Khan had also expressed a desire to donate five lakhs each to four states which are involved in the rehabilitation of the Narmada dam affected people. Aamir has firmly and resolutely stuck to his initial stance of rehabilitation of the dam affected people. In the face of severe strong opposition and threats too, Aamir continues to make his point. And now with the backing of so many bollywood biggies, Aamir has paved the way for new beginnings in bollywood. We hope that Aamir is successful and wish him all the very best for his fight against injustice.