Hrithik portrays a stalker in a new smart phone ad

Hrithik Roshan has been going through lot of turmoil in his personal life in the recent times. First the actor had to go through a critical brain surgery, next came the shocking news of his separation from his wife Suzanne Khan. If this was not enough, the actor is also moving out of his parent’s house for the first time. What he hardly needed was another controversy up his sleeves. But, that is what is exactly happening with his new advertisement for the smart phone OPPO Mobile N1 TVC.

Hrithik Roshan plays the role of a successful urban youth who is supposed to be lovable by all means but his actions in the advertisement are nothing but that of a stalker and voyeur. It is high time that the Bollywood actors start reading the advertisement scripts before signing on the dotted lines. Sonam Kapoor is the actress in the advertisement who is stalked and she enjoys the stalking to the delight of the road side Romeos. This advertisement is a perfect example of portraying women as commodity and mindless creatures on the Indian television.

Hrithik is shown in the advertisement to recall the memories of his childhood sweet heart. He had her photos on the cool smart phone too. Then he gets distracted by the beauty of Sonam Kapoor in his neighborhood and starts shooting her pictures secretly. When the advances of Hrithik are found out, Sonam Kapoor starts liking it a lot as if stalking is the most romantic gesture in the world. Even when Hrithik shows her all the photos he had shot without her knowledge, she becomes elated and could not stop smiling. Later they find out that they were the childhood sweethearts, thanks to the cool phone in which both saved their childhood photo luckily.

The advertisement is a good comedy and a blemish on the brand image of the OPPO Mobile N1 TVC. However, question arises that why India do not have a proper screening system that can block such mindless anti social advertisements from appearing on the television. The reality dance shows has already started showing female flesh and undergarments in the name of dance, therefore it is no wonder that psycho advertisements such as this will have no issues with any authorities in India.  It seems ‘social responsibility’ is a phrase that is completely forgotten by the cool phone brand, the advertising firm and the actors. Get ready to be stalked and love it.