Hrithik enjoys Disneyland trip with Hrehaan, Hridhaan

It looks like Hrithik Roshan is taking his role of being a father quite seriously. Despite his busy schedule, the actor made time for his two sons and together they paid a visit to Disneyland, the world’s most famous amusement park. Hrithik shared pictures of his fun day out with his children on his Twitter account. The father and son trio was looking cool and casual in t-shirt, jeans and baseball cap.  The superstar actor also wrote some lines with the photos which are rather philosophical. The actor wrote with one photo, "On the road less travelled you must sometimes stop and take a picture." In response to Hrithik’s tweet actor Nargis Hrithik commented, “OMG are you like at disneyland or something! i wana go! =) what fun!” In reply, Hrithik displayed his sense of humor saying, “yeah. careful if ur coming tho, People may mistake u as the main park attraction!! Safety not guaranteed!.”  Hrithik later posted another photo and wrote with it, "What is life if full of care... U have no time to stand and stare... #thingwelearnfromchildren." 

The actor and his wife of 13 years Sussanne decided to separate last December. The legal formalities were completed in April. Though the custody of the children was given to their mother, Hrithik frequently visits and spends time with them. The couple has said that despite their differences they do not want the children to get affected anyhow. The main reason behind their separation is not yet known and as a result there are several rumors and speculations.  According to some sources, Sussanne’s increasing closeness with Arjun Rampal was a big factor while others have claimed the reason was Hrithik’s regular linkups over the years with co-stars like Kareena Kapoor and Barbara Mori. There is also the issue of Sussanne’s alleged drug abuse and her constant friction with mother-in-law Pinky Roshan.

Whatever may be the reason behind the end of the relationship, Hrithik is trying his best to lead a normal life. He is spending time with his sons and family members to keep up his spirits. The 40 year old actor is currently busy with the shooting of his film ‘Bang Bang’, the official remake of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Knight and Day’ starring Tom Cruise. Hrithik was recently seen having dinner with Hollywood director Rob Cohen of ‘Fast and Furious’ fame at his Mumbai home. This has led to a lot of speculations and perhaps will put Hrithik on news for the right reasons.
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