Hrithik brings New York traffic to a halt

How much popular is Hrithik Roshan in the overseas can be measured from the following story. Hrithik Roshan who is in New York with his family, co-star Barbara Mori and the team of ‘Kites’ has brought the New York traffic to a half when he went to reach out to his large fans. The gathering at the 42nd Street was so huge that the traffic police had to stop the traffic for a minute till Hrithik meet his fans.

“Hrithik did indeed dash across the 42nd Street from our red carpet to waiting fans across the road. And we aren’t about crossing just any busy street at peak hour. The 42nd Street is a gigantic universe. Hrithik ran across a good half a mile to get to his fans,” Sanjeev Lamba of Reliance Big Pictures told.

There was a big hauling and Hrithik waved his hand in reply. Hrithik and his ardent fans created tensions on the busy road.  “We had to halt all traffic on 42nd Street for Hrithik to cross. So we can finally say Hrithik is the first traffic-stopper from Bollywood to make the crossover,” said Lamba.

‘Kites’ is the biggest Indian film release ever in the international market and it is estimated to hit more than 2,000 screens worldwide on Friday. Rakesh Roshan said, “What could we do? There were 400-500 of Hrithik’s fans who wanted to see the film. There were women crying, girls tearing their hair and threatening to commit suicide.”