Hrithik and Shirish likely to do a period film Prince of India

Shirish Kunder made his directorial debut with Jaanemann, unfortunately inspite of having big stars like Salman and Akshay the film received a lukewarm response at the box-office. However this has not deterred Shirish and he is ready with his second project Joker which will again star Akshay Kumar . However according to sources Shirish wanted to make his directorial debut with an epic film titled Prince of India. And now sources claim that after seeing Hrithik Roshan in the promos of Jodha-Akbar he is keen to revive his dream with Hrithik starring in it.
Sources claim “Shirish wanted someone who could carry off the role and look like a Prince.” Hence after seeing the way Hrithik carried the look of an Emperor in his forthcoming film Jodha Akbar, now Shirish is impressed and wants to cast him as the prince in his future film. Moreover Hrithik too seems keen to be a part of Shirish’s project and is actually interested in doing more epic films. Sources claim Hrithik and Shirish have been having regular meetings and discussing the film. Shirish wants to do his dream project Prince of India immediately after he does his film Joker. However Hrithik’s manager claimed that Hrithik and Shirish were friends and often met up with each other. Meanwhile there was a lot of talk about SRK starring and producing Joker but due to some friction between Shirish and SRK, the latter dropped out. Shirish then approached Akshay who consented for Joker which is supposedly a sci-fi film. Shirish has now also got the financial backing of a huge production house.

Shirish’s wife director Farah Khan is expecting triplets, recently while she and her stars were at a fashion show for her latest film Om Shanti Om, supposedly Shirish got drunk and was misbehaving with several women at the party. Prince of India, Shirish’s dream project will supposedly be a big-budget film with loads of visual effects.