Hrishita: “I’m very much in control of myself…”

Gorgeous Hrishita‘Out of Control’s just been released today. How in-control or out of control are you? Hrishita Bhatt: “Well, we are all out of control. Everything seems out of control. But I am definitely in control of myself for sure. It feels good and I am looking forward to the film." [continued...]
Have you seen the film yet?
Hrishita: “No, I haven’t seen the film, yet, to be honest. That’s why we are eagerly waiting. We’ve all decided that we would see it later today.”

What’s your role in the film?
Hrishita: “I play Richa, a small town girl from Patiala who is married to this guy in New York. After marriage he return to New york for work. She goes in search of him. And this innocent li’l thing lands up in NYC, and how her life goes ‘Out of Control’.

Isn’t it on the same lines as ‘Gharwali Baharwali’?
Hrishita: “Not really. It’s presented in a different way.”

How ‘out-of-control’ did you and Brande make Ritesh Deshmukh?
Hrishita: “That’s a question you’ll have to ask him. Ritesh’s a brilliant co-star. ‘OOC’ is his second film and it didn’t look as though he was just at his second. He’s a lovely person to work with.”

Brande Roderick has quite stolen the show. She is being portrayed as the USP of the film. Don’t you fee left out?
Hrishita: “No I don’t. I was aware of everything. The film doesn’t work without either her or me being in it. We are equally there. Brande is a Hollywood personality and it is but natural that she receives the attention she is. Probably, if tomorrow, Ritesh and I go abroad and do a film there, we’ll be talked about. And ultimately it’s the film that should work, so it doesn’t really matter.”

What was Brande’s reaction to the entire Indian cinema scenario?
Hrishita: “She was quite amused with the Hindi, the food, the clothes, and she was quite enjoying herself adapting to all the amusement.”

We hear the two of you bonded well as friends. So, has she offered you any Hollywood films, yet?
Hrishita: “Yes, we became good friends, but no, there have been Hollywood offers as yet.”