How Priyanka bagged Krrish?

Priyanka Chopra">Preity Zinta & Aishwarya Rai were the big girls contesting for the role in Rakesh Roshan's sci-fi sequel, Krrish. But they remain just those… contestants, whereas the winner who has scooped the role is Priyanka Chopra!
Hits & hammer blow performances, everything seems to be going right for the actor.
So isn't it a huge high now that she has been finalized for the role? “Yes for sure. Rakesh Roshan is a huge filmmaker and I am only too glad to be working with him.” What did she think of Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya. “Brilliant!” she spurts. “Besides, I think it was a very well made film, which is why it worked. Full marks to Rakeshji” the temptress adds.

We did like to tunnel how she bagged the coveted role? “You guys read too much between lines. It wasn't like I pitched or something. I was pretty clueless until recently when Rakeshji told me why he picked me for the role” she states. So what were his reasons? “Well, it seems he saw me when I was attending someone's funeral” she explains, pausing to answer her cell and continues,

“Where was I, yeah…I was at the funeral wearing my glasses, a white salwar suit and hair tied up sans makeup. Rakeshji tells me that he saw me there and noticed that I could look so simple too. He perhaps liked the fact that I could manage the dual looks, both sexy and simple” Priyanka says with a confident air about her. “He then arranged for a tape of Aitraaz to confirm his belief. And I was on “ Chopra smiles.

We hear that she has a sporty look with faint makeup & soft wavy hair for her character. “Hey, you people have been nosing around a lot” the hottie laughs. “Yeah, I play a school girl so the look is in sync with the character. Rocky S has created the look for me” the gorgeous actor coils.

Courtesy: India FM