How deep is Saif's love for Kareena?

Saif and Kareena were busy shooting for Yash Raj film Tashan in Greece. The duo were happy to spend time together with each other. A few of their friends were also sitting around them, when they began teasing Saif to prove his love for Kareena. Sources claim that in order to prove how much he loved Kareena, Saif took a knife lying nearby and slit his palm. This left Kareena as well all the others around them shocked.
Kareena and Saif have been seeing each other for a few months now. And already it seems like Saif has fallen head over heels for Kareena. Saif has even tattooed Kareena's name on his hand to prove how much he loves her. However he has even proved that he can do anything for her. Some time back, when he and Kareena were shooting in Greece for Tashan, after pack up the entire cast, crew and their friends were jut lounging around. Suddenly the topic of conversation steered to Kareena and Saif's relationship. Kareena's pals began teasing Saif to prove how deep his love for Kareena was. Saif being the devoted lover did not hesitate and immediately took a knife lying nearby and slit his palm. Everyone including Kareena was stunned.

The gash on Saif's palm was quite deep, perhaps like Saif's love for Kareena. This left no doubt in everyone's mind about how deep Saif's love for Kareena is. Meanwhile Saif had to tie a bandana around his palm as he didn't want to explain to people what he had done. Certainly seems like Saif is mixing his filmy life with real life. While shooting for Tashan, a source claims "Getting Saif and Kareena out of their vanity van was a task! The two refused to come out when they were cosying up in their vanity van, even as the crew waited for them." The couple would hold up the shooting for hours before they came out of their vanity van. However on the last day of the shoot, the couple had a minor tiff. Saif kept trying to call up Kareena, but she refused to take his calls. Well later they no doubt made up, but it definitely seems like Saif is crazy about Kareena and has even proved it.