Salman Khan shows interest in Elli Avram!

Salman Khan is one of the most eligible bachelors in India despite the fact that he will be turning 48 this December. His fan following has only grown bigger with passing time. Even Salman has been associated with many females in past. And there are a few whom Salman bestows with praises. Elli is one of them.

Elli Avram is a Swedish actress and model who participated in ‘Bigg Boss 7’. Salman had a soft corner for her on the show. It was quite obvious as he used be extra polite to her. He even called her ‘5 saal pehle ki Katrina’. Salman meant that Elli looks like what Katrina used to look like 5 years back. He used to bestow praises on Elli. Even Elli never lose any opportunity to convey him that she wanted to act in a movie with him.

Elii says, “I am grateful to Salman for every nice thing that he said. The biggest compliment he gave me was that I look more Indian than any other contestant in the house.”

She adds, “I don’t know why he was so nice to me. He is a big superstar. And his kindness meant a lot to me.”

Elli also adds, “I think he sensed that I was all alone in ‘Bigg Boss’ house. The only foreigner. He helped me feel comfortable in Bigg Boss by just the way he spoke to me. Of course, I soon became comfortable in there. I’ve learnt a lot of Hindi in there.”

However, the eviction of Elli Avram from the show put all speculations to end. Despite being Salman’s favorite, Elli was evicted.

Now when Elli is out of ‘Bigg Boss’ will Salman give her a chance to work with him in a movie? Will her career take off because of generosity of Dabangg Khan? Well, only time can tell if Elli wins Salman’s heart.

This was about the working relationship. But in real life is Salman impressed with Elli so much that he can give a place to her in his heart. It is high time now and Salman should settle down with a soul mate. Even his dear friend Aaamir has voiced many times that he would like his friends to enter matrimony soon. Aamir had also mentioned that he would love to see Salman and Katrina together. Since, that is near to impossible now; Elli also seems a sweet option. What do you say?