Hot-tempered Salman throws fan’s mobile phone

Salman Khan is controversy’s favorite child. He has once again hit the headlines for all wrong reasons. This time one of his die-hard fans had to face the heat of his bad temperament. Salman Khan lost his cool and out of anger he threw his fan’s mobile phone on road.

The incident took place outside Lilavati hospital when Salman Khan came to meet ailing Dilip Kumar. There was huge crowd of media and fans outside Lilavati and on spotting Sallu’s car, his fans went berserk and surrounded his car making impossible for the superstar to get out of his car.

On looking at the crazy fans, Salman Khan decided not to step out of his car. But when the superstar was driving away in his car, he saw a fan clicking his photograph from his mobile phone without his permission, he got angry and snatched his phone from him and threw it away. The fan was shocked as he did not accept this from his favorite star.

Speaking to the press, the fan expressed his disappointment over the incident and said that what Salman did was not correct.