Honey Singh says he does not need controversy to survive

Some days ago, the court reprimanded the popular Punjabi raper Honey Singh for his song Main hoon balatkari (I am a rapist) saying that such songs and sentiments are highly offensive. A storm of criticism also rose in the social media against the rapper and it lead to the cancellation of his scheduled live performance in Bristol Hotel, Gurgaon following a petition.

Honey Singh has always maintained his innocence. “Before you blame me, blame the government for not taking action against the rapists in the first place! Don’t use me as an excuse! #HoneySinghIsInnocent – trend if you’re with me! I’ve admitted that my past was a wrong choice, but now I deliver completely different music,” he tweeted.

This was soon followed by another controversy when Honey, who is long known as a married man in the entertainment industry, suddenly declared that he is not married. While Vinod Kumar – a Delhi based photographer produced photos of marriage, Honey denied this.

The 29 year old rapper declared that he is flourishing in the industry not because of “silly controversies” but because he has talent. "At the first place I did not write that song (Balatkari), I am not stupid to create silly controversy when I can do good work. There are people who survive on these tactics, I am not one of them," he said.

The rapper had started his career as a recording artiste. He has also produced bhangra songs. Singh rose to prominence in Bollywood with his song Shakal pe mat ja.

"My music worked and on people's suggestion I started rapping and achieved success through my hard work. My management and I did not realize when we went from Punjab to pan-India and had shows all across the country," he said.

Honey Singh is likely to sing an item in the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chennai Express. Asked about the project, he said, "I had received a call from Shah Rukh Bhai. Infact I met him at his house while

I was in Mumbai and our meeting continued for two and a half hours. He's a fantastic person and appreciated few of my songs including his personal favourite Angrezi Beat."

He is also involved in several upcoming projects like Boss, Zaalim Dilli, Bajaatey Raho andMastaan.

Whether he triggers controversies willingly or not, his career is certainly on the rise.