Here’s why Rani’s ‘Mardaani’ a must watch movie

Rani Mukerji is back with her first film after marriage, the action thriller ‘Mardaani’. The film hits the theater on 22nd August.  It is one of the two new films that have a female protagonist, the other being Priyanka Chopra starrer biopic ‘Mary Kom’. But while there has been some doubt whether PC is the right choice for playing the Olympic medal winning boxer, Rani Mukerji’s no-nonsense cop act has been accepted by the audience ever since the trailer was released. 

There was also some controversy over the depiction of a muscular Priyanka Chopra in the posters. But despite dealing with a sensitive subject like child trafficking, ‘Mardaani’ has managed to stay out of any controversy. Rani has travelled across the country to heavily promote the film. There several factors that are making ‘Mardaani’ a great film to catch.

·Rani Mukerji herself is a big reason to catch this film. She has proven herself as one of the best female actors in Bollywood. Although in recent years she has failed to find much success, this film may mark a strong comeback for her.

·This is the first film from Yash Raj Films that has been given an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board. This is interesting because the production house is known for its family friendly films.

·With the success of ‘Queen’ there has been a surge of interest about women-centric films and with an actor like Rani Mukerji the result could be great.

·Except Sridevi none of the veteran female actors have made a successful comeback on screen. Neetu Kapoor’s ‘Besharam’ was flop. Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit's 'Gulaab Gang' also failed at the box office. It will be interesting to see what is in store for Rani Mukerji.

·Known mostly for her romantic and bubbly girl roles, this is the first all-out action role for Rani Mukerji. It is also still rare in Bollywood. It will be exciting if she can properly pull it off.

·This is her first film after her marriage with the Chopra scion, Aditya Chopra. She now belongs to one of Bollywood’s most famous and influential families. Everyone will be eager to see what direction her acting career takes now.

·With a subject like child sex trafficking, this film could be an eye opener for all citizens, at a time when the nation is faced with several burning social issues.