Heavily pregnant Kareena glows in red outfit

Though heavily pregnant, Kareena Kapoor Khan is all over as usual busy with her work assigments and partying. Pregnant Kareena is a busy bee and she is totally involved into her work. The actress is due to deliver her baby in December and she is busy with her normal life. Off late she was spotted outside a studio and she rocked as always and her pregnancy glow is quite evident. Dressed in red kurta and jung jewelry, Kareena looks stunning.

Kareena is leading a normal life and she has no plans to take a sabbitical break. “If you love your job things happen naturally. I think people give too much thought that an actress has got married and now she has a kid or kids. It’s (marriage and motherhood) is a natural thing but you do continue to do normal things,” Kareena told PTI in an interview here.

“As we are actors, we are badgered with questions. Even if I was not an actor and may be a chef or anything else I would still go ahead with my life in this phase (referring to pregnancy). I love acting so why should I stop working.”

Kareena is open to work during pregnancy, “If I enjoy the film I will do it and if I don’t like anything I will be blunt and tell about it. When offers come to me, I tell them (makers) openly (on doing it or not).” Beside her professional commitments, Kareena is often seen hanging out with husband and her close friends.

“There are physical changes that your body goes through. I am being normal, being the way I was earlier. I think being around happy and positive people is important. There are no midnight cravings so far,” she said.
kareena kapoor khan
kareena kapoor khan