Harman holds Amrita's hand in public

Much has been written and said about Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao after they starred in Victory. Harman is fed up with such rumor and played the same game of flattering with the media. While interacting with them, he added spice to the rumor of his and Amrita’s love saga and said that he is playing a perfect escort to Amrita. "Where's Amrita? I need to escort her; otherwise she will get crammed with people," Harman joked.

Harman followed Amrita at a promotional event. The actors were at a jewelry showroom when the media and the fans caught them. As they came out of the showroom, the couple saw that they were surrounded by hordes of fans waiting to get their glimpse, to click photos with them and get their autographs. It was at that juncture; Harman caught hold of Amrita's hand and led her away to the car.

Harman never misses the opportunity to make headlines but unfortunately his films always fail to click at the box office. Every time his alleged love affair gets prominence and his films goes without making any mark.