Harman cares for Priyanka

Harman Baweja and Priyanka ChopraThough Harman and Priyanka never let the world know that they are in love, Harman’s caring and protective side makes one to believe that they are truly in love. Recently, when the duo attended the IIFA event, they caught the sight of all. Harman walked closely with Piggy Chops and both seemed made for each other couple. During the IIFA trip, both stole some time from the event and visited a zoo. There Priyanka insisted to hold a King Cobra in her hand. Priyanka was scared about the thought of it but at the same time, she wanted to experience holding it. What is most noticeable at that moment is Harman’s expression. He was more scared for her and insisted her to leave it immediately.

Harman do cares for Priyanka but the duo is reluctant to declare it in public. At various occasion, they are spotted together. How much their on-screen chemistry will be liked by the people will be decided as soon as their Love Story 2050 will hit the theatre. Love Story 2050 is scheduled to release coming Friday along with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Love Story 2050