Gurinder Chaddha is back

According to sources 'Staying Alive', the evergreen disco song by Bee Gees, has had amazing makeover on the soon-to-release soundtrack of Gurinder Chadha's much awaited comedy, IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE. As Bhangra music is liked worldwide, noted British-Asian DJ and music producer Bally Sagoo is said to have given a new avatar to the hit single by mixing it with traditional Bhangra beats and named it 'Staying Alive Desified'.  Given the film's title and the director's tribute to Frank Capra, the incredibly romantic IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE by the British band Black, will also feature in its original form, on the soundtrack, and in the film, at an important juncture in the relationship between Roopi (British-Indian actress Goldy Notay) and Detective Murthy (HEROES star, Sendhil Ramamurthy).  

IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE, the film, releases in the UK on April 21, and in India and Pakistan on May 7. It is an Indian Films & Bend It Films presentation in association with Studio 18. Its theatrical release in other international markets will follow thereafter.

"Wait and watch! The soundtrack is going to be out very soon. It will blow you away. It's the best East-West fusion featuring licensed tracks, remixed tracks and original compositions." said Gurinder Chaddha with her signature smile.

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