Gulshan Grover writes Hollywood script

Bollywood’s famous bad boy, Gulshan Grover has just completed writing a script for Hollywood. He recently registered his script with the Writers Guild Foundation in Los Angeles.
Gulshan Grover has already acted in several Hollywood films, such as Monsoon and Rose, Marguerite, Jungle Book 2, in the shadow of cobra, Air Panic, Beeper and Eastside among others. He is known as the cultural ambassador of India because of the wide variety of films and roles he has done, both in Hollywood and Bollywood.

After acting, Gulshan Grover has now decided to try his hand in writing a script for Hollywood. The film deals with a guardian who breaks the trust of the person whom he is supposed to take care of. It’s about betrayal and the idea was conceived when Grover was sitting at a café with a few friends. There is more good news, he is also writing a script for a German film. The makers of the German film wanted a script with lots of bollywood masala; hence they felt that Grover was aptly suited to write the script.

Gulshan Grover is the quintessential bad man of bollywood. He has been playing the villain in Hindi movies for ages. However in his latest movie holiday he plays the character of a doctor and father. He has always experimented with his looks, and always managed to develop a different look for each of his negative roles. He is thoroughly a multi talented man; let’s hope he’s as good a scriptwriter as an actor.