Gulab Gang: Watch Madhuri's killer moves in 'Dheemi Dheemi Si'

The Indian audience is accustomed to seeing the luscious Madhuri bewitching the audience with her latkas and jhatkas. However, the Dhak Dhak girl has proven that she can convey a much deeper meaning through a song with the help of her celebrated dance moves as well. The recently released song Dheemi Dheemi si demonstrates this point easily.

The next film featuring Madhuri Dixit Nene is scheduled to be released on 7th March, 2014, a day ahead of women’s day and it packs a powerful message. The story of the film revolves round a woman who protested against social injustice and political indifference and managed to create a sanctuary for abused women. The film is directed by Soumik Sen and Juhi Chawla and Tannishtha Chatterjee will also be appearing in the film.

Recently, the song Dheemi dheemi si was released. The song starts with the shot of a bonfire, interspersed with the images of a woman being tortured by a man. Madhuri starts singing the song and her eyes and her facial expressions are enough to lend a great depth to the song. The tempo of the song picks up as women begin to sing aloud about their woes. They complain about the inefficiency and indifference of the government as the common man suffers. Madhuri conveys with her expressions that common man has had enough of this hypocrisy and a nationwide uprising is in the making. The song is in no sense an item number; yet it is completely picturized on women. This makes it a refreshing deviation from the current trend of Bollywood. Madhuri has done an excellent job of conveying the mood of revolt and refusal to bow down to oppression any longer.

Sung by Kaushiki Chakraborty and Malabika Brahma, the song is written by Neha Saraf and the music has been composed by director Soumik Sen. It is a masterful composition, drawing heavily from both classical and folk songs, giving the feeling of a musical duel that captivates till the end.

Madhuri continues to inspire with her performance.  “If Dedh Ishqiya showed a traditional world which is crumbling with the arrival of New Age, Gulaab Gang is very topical and relevant because it talks about women empowerment, self defense and education for all. It is wonderful as the film talks about mutual respect between a man and a woman, an equal equation between the two genders and how a woman can stand on her own feet independently,” said the actress.