Growing popularity of rock songs

One can hardly deny the role of B town flicks in ensuring the wide spread popularity and acceptance of rock song- a genre of music which was once partially accepted by the musical minded Orientals. With the increasing influence of urbanity on Hindi movies, the corresponding influence of rock song and culturing cantering on it have made their way. 

1.      Life in a metro
Life In A Metro















In fact the entire musical score of the flick ‘Life in a metro’ was worth remembering. But the thrilling rock number ‘Alvida’ was an instantaneous hit with the urbanized youth. With the Bangladeshi singer James rending the scintillating number in addition to KK; the song released in two separate editions had the youth rocking to its signature beats.

2.     Rock On
Rock On













The movie featuring a rock number by the same name was the first one to mark the entry of rock band. The movie having critical acclaims to boast about also had a tantalizing musical score with the number ‘Rock On’ contributing its own precious bit. Besides being a great rock number; the song conveyed the essence of the film.

3.     Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly










The ‘bhag D K Bose… bhag... bhag’ number might have had his own share of controversy on account of its word content; but the song with its rock undertone is enough to appeal to a connoisseur of rock songs. Picturised on three of the leading delineators performing as rock stars; the music has been well accepted for its typical rock base.

4.     Rockstar













There is little denying that Sadda Haq of Ranbir Kapoor has the whole country rocking to its rhythm. With the prolific interplay of talents such as Imtiaz Ali and A.R Rahaman besides Mohit Chauhan; the Indian youth is all set to follow its impeccable beats. With the latest image of a rock star being delineated by the dashingly handsome Ranbir Kapoor, the rock song adding to the movie’s essential sway has already left an indelible impression.

5.     Black Friday
Black Friday









The ‘BANDEH’ number to feature in the realistic flick directed by Anurag Kashyap (Black Friday) also earned sizeable acclaim on account of its soul stirring rock base. Despite its all round acceptability; the song’s inclusion was not commercially motivated; rather it was an attempt to enhance its musical base. Other than the film being widely acclaimed for its stylish blend of elements of reality and that of art; its soundtrack including the rock number earned rave reviews.

Increasing attractiveness of rock song is one of the latest trends of Bollywood. Its popularity is in turn making way for talented singers and music composers catering to the same.