Glimpse into the newly launched Kingfisher Calendar

The luscious blend of sultry bombshells & gorgeously picturesque locales has been the leading deal of the Kingfisher Calendar. It all began almost a decade back when the first of its kind was captured amid the scenic grandeur of Mauritius. Looked upon as a trump card to glamour, pelf and fame; the highly cherished modeling assignment draws contestants from far and near.

With fourteen ramp walkers being in fray to be the cream of the crop, it took twenty-six episodes to decide the final draw. Ultimately, as six participants turned up trumps for the newly dawned year of 2012, the brand had them dispatched amid the sparkling grandeur of Sri Lanka to etch out the acclaimed swimsuit calendar for the ongoing year. To do the honor of photo shooting, Atul Kasbekar accompanied the fragile beauties amid the sensuous wonders of the island. Tena, Angela Johnson, Mimi Blix, Maia Haydon, Saiyami Kher & Nathalia Pinheiro were the happy campers to add to the glowing beauty of its sizzling shores. The beach with its sandy sensuousness was made to sizzle and dazzle in the rapturous strokes of contrasted colors!

The style statement of Angela Johnson will have you swooning with its pastel sensuousness. The frail looking beauty’s intense gaze is there to kill as well.









Bold contrast in pink and purple amid the glowing testimony of lashing waves are the essences of Maia Haydon’s signature.









The lustrous touch of a glittering bikini is there to steal the thunder, making you shine & shimmer along with the sultry Norwegian seductress- Mimi Blix.










The sexy belle-Tena Desae is found rolling and rollicking along the sandy shore to bring into bold relief her glitzy curves. The striking deal offered in black enhances the whooping feel of sultriness.

Singularity of the impish Saiyami Kher is there to have you enchanted as well. Sand merges with the dotted greens to highlight the fragile glories of the cute seductress- clad in a black bikini,










The winner of the glamorous show- pick of the lot is no new entrant to the world of glitz and fame for she is a trained singer besides being one of the leading deals in the world of fame, fashion and glamour. The dusky beauty makes a smart show in her single-piece bikini of jet black.










Angela Johnson with her soothing sensuousness epitomizes the essence of woman power. The stylish girl with her radiant features enhances the show of her pinkish drape.