Girl sheds blood for Akshay Kumar

Fans often go mad for their favorite star. Many a times, they act madness by shedding blood. Akshay Kumar was caught in such similar situation when a die-hard fan of his slashed one of her wrists only because she could not meet him. 

Says a source close to the actor, "Preeta (name changed to protect identity of underage girl) stalked him for a year. She'd run away from home in Lucknow to meet him and would land up everywhere just to catch a glimpse of him and talk to him. But Akshay always has heavy security around him and she didn't get her way."

One day, she happened to land at Akshay’s residence and asked the guard to allow her to meet Akki. As usual, the guard turned down her request. Unable to convince the guard, the girl slashed her wrist in front of them. Luckily, Akshay Kumar was present at his home at that moment and the guard informed him about the incident, he rushed to the girl and took her to the hospital.

The source continues, "Once she was stitched up and out of danger, he spoke to her. He made her understand and try and see things from the right perspective, and even called her parents in Lucknow and got them to come to Mumbai. Then he invited the girl along with her parents to his home for coffee and asked them to take care of her. He told her that she had to look after her parents as family is important and he was very attached to his own. Now the girl's parents have sent her abroad for her further studies but she's in touch with Akshay once a month. She writes to him keeping him posted about her developments."

Finally, the long time wish of the girl was fulfilled.