Ghulam Ali dismisses reports of agreeing to perform in India

Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali, who was reported to have consented to perform at Lucknow Mahotsav on December 3, has dismissed reports that he had agreed to perform at the concerts in New Delhi or Jaipur next month.  

"If someone has given any date(s) that I will perform in India he must have done it by himself. I have made no promise or given any dates for any concert next month in Jaipur," the ghazal maestro said on Geo News channel on Thrusday night.

The legendary singer, whose concerts in Mumbai and Pune last month was called off after protests by Shiv Sena, had also cancelled a concert in New Delhi scheduled to happen on November 8.Ghulam Ali was to perform in Mumbai on October 9 on the fourth death anniversary of late ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh.

"At the moment I have no concerts planned in India. I don't think the environment is conducive right now for me to go and perform in India. My heart is not in going to India," the singer said.

"I have got a lot of love in India when I have gone there in the past but I don't think at the moment I want to go there as I don't like to be dragged into politics," the 74-year-old singer added.

"I am a firm believer that by having regular contacts in cricket and culture, relations get better between both countries. I think the Shiv Sena has acted and spoken according to their background," he said. On the same show, Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt also spoke on the cancellation of Ghulam Ali's concerts and said he felt ashamed at the treatment meted out to the famed singer. 

On Thrusday, the Lucknow district administration had issued a statement saying the ghazal singer’s son Aamir Ali has confirmed that his father will perform at the city’s annual fest.