Gerard Butler takes Kangana to an unknown place

If we remember years back Hollywood star Gerard Butler proposed marriage to Priyanka Chopra which was taken in a good humor and again the actor has fallen for a new Bollywood babe. She is none other than sexy Kangana Ranaut. Gerard Butler met Kangana on the set of ‘Happy New Year’ in Los Angeles and both bonded strongly as if they knew each other for a long time. Surprisingly, Butler took Kangana on a secret holiday to an unknown destination.

"Kangna was with Butler at the airport. She was supposed to come back with us in the same flight. But she didn't. Possibly, the two got into another flight. She did not tell anybody from the unit where she was headed," a source informs.

In honor of Butler, Priyanka threw a bash at her residence and there the star proposed Piggy Chops but at that time Priyanka had a boyfriend. But this time Butler has knocked the right door as far as we know, Kangana is single and ready to mingle.