Gayatri Patel is the best dancer since Madhuri Dixit

Some films take a roaring start with awesome initials and some grow on the audiences and get better known with word-of-mouth publicity. ‘Let’s Dance’ falls into the second category.

Continuing its streak of good reviews, the film has now received glowing comments from the popular US-based magazine, India West. In his review, film critic Rajiv Vijayakar calls ‘Let’s Dance’ “a crisper, far smaller but emotionally gripping and superior product to ‘Aaja Nachle’, which had a similar theme.”

He points out that the film “is marked by decent music, some fabulous choreography and dances by debutant Gayatri Patel and overall good performances from the entire cast.” “Technically upbeat, the film also has a sweet message… It might do decent business, as it deserves to,” Vijayakar adds.

The reviewer further praises the lead actress, stating, “Gayatri Patel is the best dancer we have seen since Madhuri Dixit, and that’s no exaggeration despite her humble status today. Her climactic Bharatanatyam dance is the highlight. As actors, she and her twin leading men Ajay Chaudhary and Aqib Afzaal act well… Among the kids, child actor Aabhaas Yadav dances like a dream and plays to the gallery, and yet it is diminutive Nikuunj Padaya as Ali who stands out as an endearing presence.”

Giving the film three-and-a-half stars in his review, Vijayakar prompts his readers to go watch it, terming it “heart-warming”. In his conclusive lines, he states, “content-wise, ‘Let’s Dance’ is a welcome first shower after a long spell of qualitative dry fare.”

That’s quite some praise for a film with modest beginnings.