Freida Pinto throws pre-Oscar party

Frieda Pinto has been the well known face of India in the Hollywood and hence it was decided that she is going to host the most prestigious pre-Oscar party this year. It is a big deal for the actress as this role is sought by many and she got the chance of hosting it at a very young age. Reports have also said that not only this, but Frieda will also be co-hosting a very special party where she will be furthering the cause of having a girl child. This will be done with the partnership of the Vanity Fair Magazine. The event has been reported to be a part of the ‘Campaign Hollywood’- 14th installment party. The party has been sponsored by Vanity Fair and it is going to last about a week before the main event that is the Academy Awards. This is one of the best attended as well as the most sought after parties of all times. The special celebration is also going to be for the 100th year of the Vanity Fair Magazine.

Frieda is going to be the first Indian woman who will be hosting this prestigious party. The party has been named as the DJ Night with Frieda Pinto and the Vanity Fair. There will also be a very special performance in the evening which would be by DJ Ace. After the event the proceedings will be leading from the celebration towards the main cause, which is the education of girls all throughout the world through the medium of cinema and the advocacy of the social media.

The spokesperson belonging to Frieda Pinto has told the press that when Vanity Fair had approached her with the offer of co-hosting the party, the actress was ecstatic about it. She willingly agreed to host the party along with the Magazine and also looked forward for the initiative of raising a girl child. As an actress she has always been serious and committed about this issue and hence did not want to miss out on any opportunity of spreading the cause on the special occasion.

At the Sundance Film Festival this year, Frieda Pinto had even premiered the trailer of the film Girl Rising. The movie revolves around the lives of nine girls who have been born into unforgiving situations. Frieda also happens to be the global ambassador of the campaign ‘Because I am a Girl’ organized by Plan International, which has its main focus on the cause of a girl child.