First Look: Priyanka's debut music album

Priyanka Chopra has unveiled the first look of her album ‘In My City’. Priyanka will be embarking into an international career with this album. Revealing the looks on Twitter, she commented, "For ur eyes single cover! Say whaaaaa?"

Priyanka had grown up in different cities during her childhood, as her father was in military. She had been to Jamshedpur, Bareilly, Pune, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ambala and Ladakh. She has tried to capture all this experience in her debut album. It also captures her struggle from a small-city girl to a much sought out actress.  However she maintained that is not specific to any city and has a global outlook , she said, “I don`t want my music to be region specific, but have a global feel so that anyone listening to it across the world can relate to it just as easily, much like Shakira’s music. It is very strongly connected to the roots but has a strong global flavor.”

Priyanka has also got good an international ensemble for her album. Her album features Black Eyed Peas lead singer The producers of her album are RedOne. They are also the producers of leading celebrities, like Lady Gaga.

The album will be launched on the same day as the National Football League in USA. She will be one of the many featured stars to take the stage on the Thursday night kickoff.

Priyanka however hasn’t forgotten her fans in India as her album will be launched in India 12 hours before. A source close to her said, “In My City will be launched in India about 12 hours before it opens during NFL. Priyanka wanted the song to be heard in India first for her fans here. Later, the NFL launch will happen during the pre-game show for Thursday Night Football.”

Her latest movie Barfi incidentally is releasing on the same day as her album. She is eagerly waiting for both. Before flying to London to promote her movie she said, “London bound! So excited about promoting Barfi! The film and my single comes the same time, and such different vibes to both! Very grateful.” 

Priyanka plays the role of an autistic girl in Barfi.  She was asked if the role was too challenging for her. The bubbly actress had replied, “Whichever role is the toughest, bring it to me, I'll do it.”