First Copy of ROOH out

Vijayshri Productions Hindi movie Rooh first copy came out from Ramnord Laboratories, Mumbai. The movie was a topic of discussions in the film trade for its title tussle with Ramesh Sippy & Vikram Bhatt's movie of the same title.

Vijayshri Productions’ Rooh is a story about a woman’s love, trust & devotion. It is all about betrayal by own one. When some one betrayed by its own one the soul of the betrayed person can not take rest until it get justice or takes revenge. That’s all about Rooh and how Rooh (soul) found rest after taking revenge.

Raaj (Kumaar Aadarsh) is the owner of Minaxi Industries. He is living happily with his wife Vandana (Sana Govil) and daughter Arpita (Baby Prasannata). One day Vandana feels some unusual happenings around them. Some unseen power is harassing her husband and daughter. One day she finds herself in the trap of the power. Then she meet Yashwant (Sudesh Berry), who is having the cult to solve these problem by calling the ghosts. Mumbai Police is also taking helps from him to solve several cases. When Yashwant enters the house of Vandana he feels the existence of an unrest soul. Yashwant uses his power and discloses an unusual fact to Vandana that Arpita is not her own daughter and she is still a virgin. From here several secrets start to unfold and Yashwant find himself in these secrets. Then he meets Minaxi (Minakshi Sharma) and a new phase of suspense and thrill begins ……. To unfold all secrets watch ROOH

Cast & Credits of the movies are as follows Presenter - Suresh Sharma Producer - Vijayshri Productions Director - Sanjay Khandelwal Co-producer - Seema S. Batavia
Music - Vaishnav Devaa lyrics - Mumtaz Nikhat Cinematographer - Triloki Choudhery Choreographer - Acharya Raj Deepak & Kalyanzee

CAST - Sudesh Berry, Kumaar Aadarsh, Meenaxi Sharma, Sana Govil, Harsh, Elena, Manasi Dovhal, Neelja, Sudhir Batavia, Sarwan Saxena, Baby Prassanta, Shammi Chhibber etc.