Jaya's anti-Marathi remark irks MNS

MNS chief Raj Thackeray got another weapon to hit back at the Bachchans after Jaya Bachchan made a controversial statement regarding language. Addressing a film function in Mumbai last week, Jaya Bachchan, MP, said she would speak in Hindi as she belonged to Uttar Pradesh. "The people of Maharashtra should forgive us for this." The MNS always looked at the Bachchans with bad eyes and Jaya’s statement has further worsened the liaison. Her remark acted like oil on fire. In consequence of her statement, MNS canons protesting to ban all the films and endorsement of the Bachchans family.

"If Jaya Bachchan wants to speak in Hindi, she better shift to Uttar Pradesh. In Maharashtra, she must learn Marathi. She should also learn to respect the sentiments of Maharashtra. I dare her to go to West Bengal and say she loves Hindi," Raj said. The MNS supporter is creating hullabaloo in different parts of Maharastra demanding a ban on screening of any of their films. They tore off the posters of their films and endorsements and burnt effigies of Jaya and Abmitabh Bachchan.

Raj Thackeray demands an unconditional apology from Jaya Bachchan. Her remark has further intensified the tension in Maharastra. In the coming weekend, Amitabh’s The Last Lear and Abhishek’s Drona are gearing up for release. Let’s see what would be the reaction of the agitated party.


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