Financial crisis forced Daljeet Kaur to return to TV

Television actress Daljeet Kaur who severed her marriage with Shaleen Bhanot, is in a happy space now. She has got herself a make-over and is back to acting. She is currently seen on Zee TV show ‘Kaala Teeka’.

The actress revealed that she was undergoing financial crisis and was forced to return to work. In fact, she said that she took up ‘Kaala Teeka’ purely for money and thanked the producers of the show for giving her the show.

“I can't thank Tony and Deeya for giving me the show. When I joined ‘Kaala Teeka’ I purely did it for money. I was going through a bad phase and I needed the money desperately and it was very kind of the producers of the show that they brought me back,” Daljeet told in an interview to

In the exclusive interview, Daljeet also opened up about her abusive marriage, taking care of her son Jaydon and her future plans.

Daljeet fell in love with her co-star Shaleen while working for her debut show ‘Kulvadhu’. After dating each other for around four years, the duo tied the knot in December 2009 at Shaleen’s hometown in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. She gave birth to their son Jaydon in November 2013. But, trouble crept into their happy marriage. Daljeet accused Shaleen of cheating on her and alleged domestic violence and mental abuse by him. They finally divorced last year.

Speaking about her abusive marriage, Daljeet said that she took a lot of time before she could finally express the pain she was facing and termed it as “the most difficult phase of my life.” However, she has put her past behind her and has no bitterness, regrets or grudges against anybody. All that matters to her now is her 18-month-old son and his happiness.

“My only priority is my son and his happiness. I am doing all that it needs to be a good single mother. I want my son to grow-up as a happy person,” she said. She also added that she is willing to co-exist with her ex-husband for the sake of her son’s happiness.

While, Daljeet took up ‘Kaala Teeka’ as she was hard-pressed for money, in her new avatar post weight-loss and make-over, she feels confident about getting to play younger roles and hopes that the industry is forgiving and would offer her a lead role in a show soon.

“I would like to do a romantic youthful show. I want to play a peppy, full of life character. As an actor I am greedy to do a romantic show which has an intense love story,” she added.

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