Films which failed to deliver despite the correct blend

As far as commercial and critical successes of B town movies are concerned; the last few years or so have been extremely satisfying with loads of successes in terms of box office profit and critical accountability. While films like ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabaang’ and ‘Ghazini’ made way for rich box office return; those like ‘Lagaan’, ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Chak De India’ earned in their trail critical acclaim besides monetary profits. But unfortunately, there exists another category of good movies which failed to create a desirable impact.

1.  Road















A tasteful concoction by the maverick director- producer - Ram Gopal Verma failed to deliver its necessary punch in spite of its judicious amalgam of quality acting, background music and dexterous shots. Deriving its script content from a Hollywood flick; the movie with all its interesting moments of power packed mysteries failed to go down well.

2.  Eklavyaa











Despite its master craftsmanship and star studded cast; the flicking paving the return of Vidhu Vinod Chopra could not deliver the necessary result. Despite the common interplay of revenge, love, deceit and loyalty; the plot was done up beautifully with interlocking twists and unexpected turns. Though the creation of Mr. Chopra couldn’t make much headway at the box office; the film earned rave reviews and enviable Oscar nomination.

3 Socha Na Tha
Socha Na Tha












As a flick seeking to launch- Abhay Deol; Socha Na Tha with its lively script struck the right amalgam of acting, direction and content designing. But despite its poignantly refreshing appeal; the flick offered by Imtiaz Ali failed to deliver and ensure its deserving level of popularity.

4.  Omkaara








As an adapted version of Shakespearean tragedy Othello; Omkaara, which had its writer and director in Vishal Bharadwaj proved to be a box office failure; despite winning critical acclaim and recognition. Situations were skillfully handled to suit the Indian scenario. Likewise, the cast consisting of actors with phenomenal range and dimension in acting did not create necessary impact at least on box office front.

5.  Mangal Pandey
Mangal Pandey















The script from one of the internationally famous directors Ketan Mehta sought to unravel a situation of historical significance. Travelling years back in time; the film dramatized a situation revolving around Mangal Pandey –his nexus with the Sepoy Mutiny. Focussing particularly on the latter’s relation with a British general, the film failed to make its expected mark.

It is indeed difficult to assess or judge factors that can contribute to the success of a film. But as far as the aforementioned films are concerned; it is mysterious as to why they could not make the desirable impact.