Film shoot cancelled for a jacket of Akshay Kumar

It seems that  not a right phase for Akshay Kumar to move out for a shoot. He had a fight with a monkey to fetch Deepika Padukone’s mobile in ‘Tees Maar Khan’ set and now his jacket stolen on the sets of 'Action Replay’.  

Akshay’s shoot had to be called off due to missing property in both the cases. At present, Akshay was shooting for Vipul Shah’s ‘Action Replay’ with Aishwarya. Though, song it has to be stopped in middle when the film unit members unable to figure out special leather jacket of Akshay Kumar.  

It was a special jacket made for song and Vipul had requested some extra dates from Akshay to complete the song later, “It was a unique, hand-crafted, bling-bling leather jacket. I need to shoot the balance portions of the song but suddenly there’s no jacket. It will take time to get it made again, so I’ve requested Akshay to allot some extra dates to finish the song later.” Director said.  

“I need to figure this out. It might have been misplaced by some production person or it may have been stolen when it was being transported. But why point fingers? We’ll just have to take in our stride.” Vipul Shah added.  

Akshay face yet again another disappearance of property after monkey’s act in the film set however this time Akshay was unable to figure out.