Female fan kisses Emraan Hashmi

Himesh Rashmi in JannatSerial kisser Emraan Hashmi was left with wide eyes when a female member of the audience ran to stage to kiss him. The judges and the audience of ‘Voice of India’ remained speechless to witness this bizarre sight. It happened so instantly that no body got the chance to stop her.

Witnessing such type of disgusting scene, judge and composer Pritam Chakraborty walked out of the show angrily. Pritam was very upset with the entire happening and felt that the incident has insulted their chief guest ace director Mahesh Bhatt and actor Emraan Hashmi. Out of anger, Pritam walked out of the show.

Actors and music directors were humiliated on the ‘Voice Of India’ floor many times. Once the planning of a full show spoofing Himesh Reshammiya had totally disturbed Pritam. He discussed the matter with other judge Shreya Ghosal and Kunal Gangawala and they urged producer Gajendra Singh to turn the whole spoof into homage to Himesh. “Voice Of India is a reality show which is meant for displaying children’s singing talent but it has become another TRP-hungry music show”, said Pritam is indeed disgusted by this.