Farah Khan refuses to kiss Boman Irani

Choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan has now switched to acting. She is debuting with ‘Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi’ opposite Boman Irani. The film requires Farah to do an intimate scene with Boman Irani which she shot very comfortably but refused to shoot a kissing scene.

Farah is not comfortable doing such smooching scene. She confirms, "Sorry, there are no kisses in the film. I told Boman that my husband wouldn't like it and he understood. We work as a team. Who would want to see middle-aged people kiss? Also I would be very uncomfortable doing such scenes. What we do is try to kiss but it misfires for some reason or the other. It's romance handled in a funny way."

Farah adds, "There are lots of such quirky and romantic situations but before we started the film, Boman and I discussed it and thought we would do intimate scenes in a different and goofy way. Keeping our age, looks and comic timing in mind, we will treat those scenes in an aesthetic manner. He plays a 45-year-old virgin while I play a 40-year-old fiery Parsi phataka but we both are eccentric in our ways!"

Boman has no issue kissing on-screen as he has kissed Shabana Azmi in 'Honeymoon Travels'. “It's a film and I am an actor. If there's a reason for the kiss I will kiss. I am not some shy 16-year-old who will feel uncomfortable kissing," he reasons.

Farah’s comic timing is excellent. Let’s see how she entertains her audience this time.