Fan attempts suicide for Rajinikanth

Rajniraja Arockiasamy (40), an ardent fan of Rajini tried to commit suicide when heard that Rajinikanth is being treated in a Singapore hospital for kidney ailment and will soon undergo kidney transplant. On hearing the news, he went crazy and gone ahead to end his life in order to donate kidney to the actor.

The fan wants to end his life to donate his kidney to the actor. He consumed overdose of sleeping pills. Finding him unconscious, neighbors rushed him to the nearest hospital where Rajniraja admitted that he attempted suicide to donate his kidney to the actor whom he idolizes.

Meanwhile, Rajini’s son-in-law Dhanush assured that Rajini is doing fine and responding to treatment and urged fans not to believe in such false rumors. “He has not undergone a kidney transplant. Soon there will be a statement from the Superstar himself,” Dhanush said on Tuesday.