Exposed: Geetika Tyagi’s murky past

Geetika Tyagi, who was seen in the film, ‘One by Two’, recently accused director Subhash Kapoor of ‘Jolly LLB’ fame of molesting her more than a year ago. She also shared a video to this effect. The video began to cause ripples online, but just then, news of her murky past got revealed.

It has come forward that journalist-turned-actress Tyagi was expelled from a news channel in 2004 for stealing money. It emerged that she had stolen the ATM card of news-anchor-turned-AAP party leader Shazia Ilmi and taken out money from the bank using her card.

A source close to Ilmi said, “She (Ilmi) used to anchor the 7pm news segment and Geetika would host the 10pm slot. They shared a make-up room and, often, Shazia would leave her bag there, not realizing that Geetika would fish out her ATM card from the bag and withdraw money from the bank. Obviously, Ilmi was alarmed that her card was being misused. She even filed a complaint with the management.”

Initially, Geetika denied the accusations but later owned up, the source added. “She was shown the CCTV footage that had caught her in the act and, immediately afterwards, she was asked to resign from the organization,” the source said.

 Ilmi, who is in London at present, confirmed this. “Yes, the incident you mentioned is true,” she said.

When asked why she had thought of video-taping and uploading the confrontation without going to the police directly, Tyagi said, “I needed this. Laws are changing now. I have a reason to get scared. I said everything on the video about why I stopped. His wife is saying everything (sic).”

Geetika and her so-called boyfriend, writer and director, Atul Sabharwal, video-taped it. He also tweeted the video, saying it was not a ‘casting couch’ case but one of sexual molestation. But people in the industry are questioning the objectivity and authenticity of the video and accusing Atul.

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia was found tweeting: “If the film industry has any heart, they should boycott Atul Sabarwal since he was part of this vicious scheme to demean Subhash Kapoor.” The director said he was not the only person to share this feeling. “Everyone who has seen the video is criticizing it and questioning its intent and authenticity,” he remarked.

Dhulia appealed to the film industry and said, “She is destroying the Kapoor family! Whatever I know, I know through the video. Whatever happened, it happened two years back. Why is she uploading it now? She is seeking cheap publicity. She is trying to get into Bigg Boss House".