Exclusive pics: Shahrukh's item number in Krazzy 4

Shahrukh Khan seems to be in news quite a lot these days. He was the star of two of the biggest hits of all times last year, Chak De India and Om Shanti Om. Not just that, he even got appluaded for playing his characters so well. Recently, Shahrukh has been in news for being the owner of IPL Kolkata and bidding for players of his team. As reported, Saurav Ganguly will be heading Shahrukh's team.

Here's another piece of exciting news for Shahrukh fans: he will be seen in a hot and hip item number in Rakesh Roshan's Krazzy 4. We're just going to let the pictures do the talking! Watch out for Shahrukh Khan in this sizzling item number:

Shahrukh Khan in Krazzy 4