Ex-girlfriend Somy Ali upset with Salman for copying her campaign

Salman Khan is back at home after he received bail recently in the Chinkara poaching case in Jodhpur. The court has now granted the actor permission to go abroad too for his film shootings. While Salman was in jail, he made several painting and drawings which he hopes to auction off and collect the money for his recently founded charitable organization ‘Being Human’. In fact Salman has had many painting auctions recently to collect funds for his new charitable organization, but sources claim that Salman’s foundation was an idea copied from his ex-girlfriend Somy Ali’s campaign Human Being.
Salman Khan and ex actress Somy were dating many years back, but things did not work out for the two and both moved on. Now Somy is in the US and works as a social activist for women and children's upliftment. In March 2007, as part of her social service campaign Somy had launched a collection which had the ‘Human Being’ factor as a prominent part. Somy’s collections have been available online and the money made from this goes to charity. But Salman had no qualms about simply turning the words around and using it to start his own campaign back home called ‘Being Human’. Somy is supposedly quite upset with ex Salman for blatantly ripping off her hard work and effort. She was also supposed to launch the same collection soon in Asia, but will now have problems as the similar sounding name will create confusion for people.

Somy, who is in the US, was upset but simply stated “If someone gets inspired by your efforts, there's not much you can do about it. And well, imitation is the best form of flattery, isn't it? I wish them all the best.” Salman Khan has tried to organize many painting exhibitions to generate funds for his organization ‘Being Human’, at one event he even wore and distributed T shirts with the sign Being Human on them. He has also spoken at length about his campaign on Shahrukh hosted KBC and donated the money he received from the show to the organization. However Salman has preferred to keep mum about the issue of copying ex-girlfriend Somy’s ideas.