Scared Emraan didn't talk about kissing scene with Vidya

After ‘Dirty Picture’ the duo of Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan will be seen together again in the upcoming film ‘Ghanchakkar’. The film is all set to release on June 28th this year. It is a comic suspense thriller that promises to keep the audience glued to their seats.

The movie narrates the story of Sanju (played by Emraan Hashmi) who is a master safe breaker. Sanju plans for one last bank robbery before retiring from the job. He teams up with two more dangerous goons to successfully pull off the job. After the heist the entire loot is kept in the safe custody of Sanju and the 2 goons go hiding.

The goons return to Sanju after three months to claim their shares of the loot. However, they learn that Sanju was involved in an accident and lost part of his memory. Sanju even refuses to recognize the 2 goons. As a counter measure the goons decide to stay with Sanjay and his wife (Vidya) until his memory returns. What follows next is a laugh riot. The plot of the film has its fair share of thrill, surprises, romance and twist in the story.

The news that is however getting the most focus from the media is the kissing scene that has been filmed between Emraan and Vidya, in the film. Emraan already has a rich history of kissing his leading ladies in the previos films. So much so that he is even called the ‘serial kisser’ in the tinsel town. But, the actor has decided not to talk about the kissing between him and Vidya as Vidya’s husband is the head of UTV, that is producing the film.

A jovial Emraan answering the reporters during a film promotion event of ‘Ghanchakkar’ on Thursday at Mumbai said, "I have promised myself that for this film I will not answer this question. Siddarth, Vidya's husband, is the head of this production house. If I want to do more films with them, then let's not talk about it."

On the other hand Vidya is very excited about her role in the film as sh is playing a Punjabi wife for the first time. Speaking about it, she says "I took training to get the Punjabi accent. I first learnt gaalis and that's the easiest way to learn any language. The character was so loud that I didn't want the character to pull me down."