Emraan Hashmi kisses Neha Sharma

Bollywood has tagged Emraan Hashmi 'a serial kisser', so kissing is always expected from the actor. He has kissed his co-stars in almost in all his films. But Emraan left everyone strange when he did not kiss Prachi Desai in ‘Once Upon a Time In Mumbai’. Emraan’s next film titled, ‘Crook: It’s good to be bad’ with debutante Neha Sharma is coming up and all her guessing whether he has kissed Neha or not and now the veil from the secret is lifted up. We inform you that Emraan Hashmi has kissed Neha Sharma in his new flick.

The two gets intimate in a particular scene. He shot a steamy scene not only with Neha but his second co-star who is a foreigner. When Neha was asked about lip-locking Emraan, she laughs and replied, "No, there was none of that actually. Having said that, I wasn't even thinking of any of such things when I was contemplating doing CROOK. In fact as soon as I got the narration from Mohit, I was totally blown over. I was like 'Oh my God, I have to definitely do this film'. The subject with racial abuse as a backdrop and the incidents that follow on screen are so intense, they all combined to make CROOK a racy entertainer. So the presence or lack of a kiss in the script was the last thing in my mind."

Well, Emraan and Neha both feels that the subject of the film demands lip-locking and so they cannot avoid. ‘Crook: It’s good to be bad’ will hit the theatre on October 8th.