Elli Avram laughs away Salman’s marriage proposal

Elli Avram, the hot damsel who debuted in Bollywood with the film, Mickey Virus, has recently turned down a marriage proposal from none another than Salman Khan. The 23 year old actor of Greek descent joked, ‘I will not take his (Salman Khan’s) proposal seriously!’

According to Avram, for a serious commitment such as marriage, people need to be well acquainted with each other. She thinks she does not know him well enough to consider a relationship with him. She says relationship and marriage are huge decisions in life between two people who know and respect each other and have values.

Elli Avram  is of part Greek and Part Swedish descent. Since childhood, she had a fascination for India, Bollywood and the colourful attire of Indian people. She came on a tourist visa to India and did some acting work in advertisements until her debut in Mickey Virus as Kamayani George. She also participated in the reality show, Bigg Boss, season 7. It was there that Salman khan took an interest in her. In candid moments, the 47 year old actor owned up to a ‘platonic’ liking to her, fuelling rumours of impending nuptials. Seen flirting with her on numerous occasions during her stay on Bigg Boss, he has expressed his liking for her and got blushes in return. Although it was his turn to blush when she sang ‘Tere bina jiya jaaye naa’, dedicated to him, on the sets of Bigg Boss, clad in a saree.

Elli, on her part, has expressed a desire to work in one of his films. Her favourite in the Bollywood industry is Shahrukh Khan, her favourite Bollywood movie being Devdas. She likes it for the deep and beautiful love shown throughout the movie. Elli wishes to continue to work in Bollywood and showcase India to Europeans as she is very attached to the country. To ingrain herself here, she took to learning Hindi and dance moves while preparing for her role in Mickey Virus.

Therefore, the questions that now stand are if she gets film offers from both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, which one will she consider? And if she gets a chance to interact well with Salman Khan, will she give relationship and marriage a shot? For Salman Khan’s fans out there, who have been patiently waiting, will they accept Elli as the potential Mrs. Khan? If not, who shall it be?