Ekta Kapoor humiliated at Jaipur Literature Fest

Movie and Tele series producer Ekta Kapoor was in Jaipur to attend Jaipur Literature Festival. At the festival, a session was also scheduled for Ekta’s ‘Each Other Stories’. As soon as her session began, a group of protesters forced inside the venue and shouted slogan of ‘Ekta Wapis Jao (Go Back Ekta)'.

The protestors called themselves as members of Rajput Karni Sena. They were protesting against Ekta Kapoor’s mega serial ‘Jodha Akbar’. According to the protestors, the TV serial has shown Rajput community in a bad light.

The agitation continued for just a minute. During that time, Ekta looked unperturbed and at ease. She said to the audience, “This will turn into a 'Jodha Akbar' discussion if I don't continue. It is nothing but background music for me.”

According to the reports, Rajasthan police acted swiftly and the protestors were shown the way out within no time. After that Ekta continued her session.

Festival director, Sanjay Roy said that such behavior was unacceptable as the festival was meant for a free expression of thoughts. He said, “The festival believes in freedom of expression and supports respectful and responsible debate between all participants and guests.”

He added, “We thank the Jaipur police for their swift action in maintaining safety at all times, and allowing the event to resume within a minute.”

The protestors were miffed over Ekta’s alleged backtracking from her words. Ekta had assured people that she would definitely make amendments in her Tele serial ‘Jodha Akbar’ after the serial was surrounded by controversies.

“Ekta Kapoor’s serial presents incorrect facts about Jodha Akbar. She was not the wife of Akbar and we had raised objections before Ekta in the past. She had promised last year in Jaipur that the serial would be amended but nothing has been done so far”,said Shyam Pratap Singh, a Karni Sena leader.

On her last visit to Jaipur, 38 years old producer had gone into an altercation with Karni Sena over the issues of her serial.

“We were not aware that she would turn up, a newspaper report said she wouldn’t. If she will show Rajasthan in a bad light, we would not let her come here”, Mahipal Singh Makrana, another member from Jarni Sabha said.

“There were around 10 youths who protested during her session. They were pushed outside the festival venue”, SHO Ashok Nagar Harshraj Singh said.