Ekta Kapoor’s rude behavior goes viral on net

Balaji Telefilms head Ekta Kapoor is again in the news for all wrong reasons. Ekta is accused of misbehaving an elder person in a bank in Mumbai. Hurt by the insult, the particular person’s daughter Anisha Sharma took to social networking site to bring into light the uncanny incident and revealed Ekta’s rude behavior towards her old father.

Ekta and the elderly person involved in a verbal spat. Ekta abused the senior man of blocking her way. There has been a heated argument between the two. Anisha Sharma, daughter of the elderly person did not want to take legal action against the soap queen but just want her an apology from the television queen but Ekta filed a complaint against the person.

A few hours back daughter of senior citizen, Anisha Sharma tweets, “Unfortunately, it seems like an apology is not forthcoming from her end. After some discussion, we’ve decided to close the matter. My father was hurt, insulted and probably won't get over this easily, but he believes it's time to move on. In my heart, though, I still want an apology. I believe my father deserves it.”

The incident narrated by Anisha Sharma on the social networking site which went viral on net. She wrote, “A woman at the bank just called my father an 'old fool' and told him to 'fuck off', because he was in her way. This was Ekta Kapoor. She was blocking his way and he said, ‘excuse me’. She turned around and said he was an old idiot who couldn't see, flipped him off and left. Who gives this woman the right to talk to people like this? My father's a 68-year-old man who just wanted to leave the bank & come home. Her bodyguards tried to escort my father away, saying ‘bahut gussewaali hai.’ My father did nothing to provoke her,he merely asked her to move so he could exit. As she drove off, she continued giving him the finger. She made a scene, screaming at a senior citizen and got away with it, because she's supposedly 'known' for it. No one did a thing.”

When contacted, Ekta Kapoor clarified, "I had a very bad experience myself." When informed that the issue has gone viral, she added, "I am staying put as I am not feeling good about the incident. There are some people who want to be in the limelight."

When we contacted Anisha, she said, "I prefer sticking to social networking sites to say what I wanted to say. And my dad doesn't want to talk about it either."

Ekta Kapoor’s spokesperson dismissed the report saying, "The person is trying to gain cheap publicity. She kept saying things to provoke Ekta. And now she has put it online."