‘Ek Tha Tiger’ in controversy again

It seems all the troubles surrounding the yet to be released Salman Khan starrer ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is doing wonderful promos for the film. The story of the flick tells the tale of a spy and espionage. The Pakistani government had objection against the movie as they felt that the Pakistani government intelligence agency ISI was portrayed in a bad light. Pakistan has already banned its cable TV operators from airing the trailers and reviews of the flick on Pakistani soil. Incidentally Salman had a huge fan base in Pakistan and this controversy will raise the curiosity about the film by a few notches in Pakistan.

In a latest development a new controversy has engulfed the movie again which is no less interesting the movie itself. A person named Vikram Vashishtha has sent a legal notice to the Yash Raj Films production company. The person have seen the movie trailers being aired on television and felt that the plot of the movie has uncanny resemblance with the life of his late maternal uncle, Ravindra Kaushik. Mr. Ravindra Kaushik was a real life spy working for Indian government and was sent to Pakistan.

In an interview to one of the leading newspaper of the country, Vikram Vashishtha stated that, “He (Ravindra Kaushik) was my maternal uncle who was with the Research Analysis Wing (RAW). Born on April 11, 1952 in Sri Ganganagar he also did his graduation from there. He displayed his talent at national level dramatic meet in Lucknow, which was also witnessed by some officials of the intelligence wing (RAW). He was contacted and offered job for the secret intelligence in Pakistan. Later he was sent to Pakistan for the purpose.” It seems the controversy is getting weirder and weirder in every passing moment.

Vikram Vashishtha has demanded for viewing the original film script or a private screening of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ before it gets released on 15th August this year.  It will be interesting to note how the Yash Raj Films react to the legal notice served to them by Vikram Vashishtha. Will they bow to the claims and legal notices or take counter measures to fight them?

Salman must be a worried man and keeping his fingers crossed until ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ gets released on the silver screen. We as movie buffs are impatient to catch the movie at halls and expect nothing less than the best.