Dus Ka Dum with Aamir and Imran

Aamir Khan and Salman KhanWell, we all have known Aamir as the perfectionist whether it's acting, producing or directing  films! Recently when he shot for 10 Ka Dum with his bhanja Imran, he requested Salman Khan for a mock rehearsal before playing the final game - 10 Ka Dum.
Busy with the promotions of Imran's debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, the duo (Aamir – Imran) turned up late on the sets and came in straight for a rehearsal. Like a true host Salman explained the format of the game and how it's played! In the knock out round (2 contestants play against each other for 5 questions, the contestant that gives the maximum right answer plays the game for 10 crores) Aamir and Imran were pitted against each other, as expected Aamir would think through his answer well before finally pulling the trigger (a knob next to their screens). However, the young lad – Imran won against mamu Aamir and excitedly played the game. Watch out for the real game between the men!
During the rehearsals Salman asked Imran "Aap Aamir ko kya bulate ho?" Imran said "Aamir mamu" Salman asked "Toh aap mujhe kya bulaoge?" Imran said "Chachu"…
Salman immediately asked "Toh aap shaadi ke maamlein mein aap apne mamujaan par jayenge ya phir aapke chacha pe (pointing to himself)" all of them broke into a laugh riot and the game continued!
Watching them interact, it was obvious  that Aamir and Salman  got along well like "house on fire" and this will sure put to rest all rumours on the Khans being at logger heads!
Witness the action of the Khans – Salman, Aamir and Imran this Friday, July 4 at 9.00 PM only on 10 Ka Dum on Sony Entertainment Television.