Drunk Ashmit beats up Imran Khan's best buddy

Ashmit Patel is again in the news but for all wrong reasons. At a nightclub in Mumbai, he drunk profusely and ended up beating Imran Khan’s best buddy Vicky. Ashmit doesn’t know Vicky personally or professionally. Vicky was accompanied by his girlfriend Pooja who raised alarm on seeing his beau being beaten up endlessly.  

"Ashmit was in a very aggressive mood. He was trying to bully people in the nightclub. He just wanted violence," an eyewitness informs.

By the time the bouncers came, it was too late. He was bleeding extensively. "It was too late. Pooja was horrified seeing Vicky bleeding the way he was," the eye eyewitness added.

Vicky suffered nose fracture, some cuts and bruises. He was rushed to the hospital immediately. A source close to Vicky told, "Vicky lost at least three-four litre of blood. His journey from Parel to Borivali made him extremely groggy. Pooja stayed with Vicky, until he was finally operated in a hospital in Borivali."

Imran Khan's official spokesperson told, "What happened is extremely unfortunate. Imran is not in town. And he doesn't know about this. But if he were here, he would have been very upset. Vicky is very close to him. Imran and Vicky have been working together since Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na. They are also extremely close friends."