Dolly Bindra becomes violent again

When the thunderstorm of the Bigg Boss house retuned back, she was a cool breeze but as time passed Dolly Bindra came back to her old form, loud, aggressive and outspoken. She took up fight with Ashmit Patel and both had a war of words.

For the last few days, Dolly was very quite and did not interfere in fights. She tried to remain calm and her friendly behavior helped her to add her friend list. But her violent avatar cut short her friend list.

Dolly accused Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik for not doing any household chores. She suggested that the duo should not be given the garden area task as they are very lazy and the entire day, they chatted and don’t do any work.

On the other hand, Ashmit and Veena discussed as how hard they work. Dolly the whole day accused Ashmit. Even foe turned friend, Shweta Tiwari bitched about Dolly. 

Well, Dolly’s old loud avatar might not go well with the housemates but it will definitely raise the TRPs of the show.