TV actress DivyankaTripathi harassed on the set

DivyankaTripathi who shot to nationwide fame with her female lead role in the soap opera ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ was reportedly harassed at the sets of the show. Trouble started when a drunken man entered the sets at the Killick Nixon Studio and lurked around the place where the actress was shooting. After sometime the man started passing derogatory remarks towards Divyanka.

An on looker described the entire episode. He said, "Divyanka was walking from her make-up room to the sets, when a drunken man started following her. Initially, she ignored him as she didn’t want to create any unnecessary drama, but then he refused to leave and kept trying to talk to her." Divyanka later said that she was feeling very disturbed but could not stop shooting. Finally after getting informed by a crew member, Divyanka’s co-star Karan Patel swung into action and beat up the trouble maker.

The source said, "He roughed up the guy, and, after things got heated up a bit, some other people from the sets also got involved. Ultimately, the man was reported to the police." The actor later confirmed the news and said, “This man was lurking on the sets and trying to get over familiar with Divyanka. She tried to shoo him away, but he didn't listen so I had to intervene. I had to push him as he would not understand any other language. I made sure to not hurt him, but let him off with a warning so that he knew we were not dumb people standing around there… I can’t tolerate such ill-mannered people, and especially those who misbehave with women. Just because a woman doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean you can humiliate her. It’s high time we learnt to respect women and stand up for them."

Divyanka expressed hope by saying, "I know after this incident, no one will dare to misbehave with any girl on our set… I am not a violent person, and I had decided to carry on with my shoot. Yet when Karan stood up for me, it felt good. Somewhere in my heart, I wanted someone to teach that [drunken] man a lesson.” The drunken man was handed over to the police and security has been beefed up on the sets after the incident.

This the third time in recent months that DivyankaTripathi faced trouble at the sets of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. Sometime back her personal belongings got damaged in the rain and few days later she got stung by a bee.