Dimpy Ganguly trolled for getting pregnant before marriage!

Dimpy Ganguly is blessed with a baby girl on 20th June and no sooner she announced the good news, wishes started to pour in from every corner but at the same time the model-actress was also trolled for getting pregnant before marriage. The child was born in the seventh month and Dimpy was trolled by haters on the social media for getting pregnant before marriage.

She was trolled by haters no sooner she announced the good news of the child birth. She wrote:-

Our baby girl Reanna decided to come to us early with 100000 hugs 2000000 kisses and million cuddles waiting for her on 20th of June early morning..lighting our world up like eternal Christmas! I would like to thank all my friends and family for being with us through this journey and God almighty for blessing us and praying that He guides me on this new journey of parenthood every step of the way! Dugga! Dugga! Thank you daddypie @acidxxx for capturing this moment! Love you!?

Dimoy married Dubai based businessman and childhood friend Rohit Roy on November 27 and the baby was born on June 20 which means the baby was born within seven months. This gave the haters a chance to take a dig at Dimpy Ganguly.

The haters also accused her of doing anything for money and fame. They also added that Dimpy has trapped her hubby Rohit Roy by getting married to him.

However, it didn’t go well with her hubby Rohit Roy. He also took to social media and gave befitting reply to haters for saying bad words about his wife.

Rohit wrote, “Stop spreading your filth around.  May be you come from a world where a man doesn’t defend his wife when a stray dog barks at her. But unfortunately I have had the good fortune of belonging from a place where I have seen family stick together.  So If you ask me who I am to interfere let me tell you you are trying to trash my wife and the mother of my daughter.”

Dimpy Ganguly came into limelight when she married Rahul Mahajan on the national television on the reality show, ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. The couple had a fall-out few months after finally got officially divorced.